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Changing my focus. Wanting to focus on me as a person with a disability known as cerebral palsy. Please do not think I’m looking for pity cuz that’s far from the truth. I want to shed light on a very known disease children get either before, during or after birth due to complications at birth most cases due to a lack of oxygen. On this page you will find fun facts about cp and how to cope along with everything that comes with it. This page is me living my unique life with cerebral palsy. Want to follow my journey continue following my blog. Happy reading.


changes on the horizon

Hello everyone! Just a update for my readers lots of changes are going on in my life so if it seems as though I have disappeared I feel I have but I have not forgotten about my readers.

There are changing going on all the time around the world, in people’s lives, in people communities and the list goes on. These changes have come to me as well. I’ll try to write as often as I can.

Im not only an adult with cerebral palsy I also am a born again Christian. I will just say life has thrown me some wonderful new opportunities and these changes I’ve made have kept me very busy.

Most know I’m an advocate for adults with disabilities and I want to encourage all of you do not be afraid to speak up for yourself in any situations you face. As a wise person said to me no one is going to look out for you but you.

Change can be scary. Speaking up and standing up for yourself can also be nerve racking but everyone can advocate for themselves don’t be afraid to use that voice.

happy reading !

Prep for the holiday season

I believe it is safe to say we all get stressed out in the holiday season. I have learned over the years to help myself not be so stressed during this time of year. I realize we are just now approaching thanksgiving but that’s when the consumers start putting on the deals to get us in the holiday spirit so to speak, there is good Friday sales, cyber Monday and so on.

I find that this is just as stressful because if you have mobility issues it is hard to maneuver around people especially when they are pushing to get certain deals, or you get to the store just to find out the item you went across town for is gone.

So the question is what is a way to make this season less stressful and more enjoyable? I personally shop on amazon and find things I want to buy and have it gift wrapped for my family then have it sent directly to their home. I have also bought things through out the year so I can just wrap it and give it at that time of year. Which ways have you all found that work for you?

Another method I have done is start shopping around august and buy a few things at a time so it is not so financial difficult on myself. I have also heard of people putting money away little amounts at a time and making a Christmas fund so when it rolls around they can shop.

Some ways to help with stress at this time is setting healthy boundaries by saying no, resting, sticking to your routine as best as you can, eating right, exercise and so on. You can find other helpful tips in the following article. https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/speaking-of-health/fend-off-holiday-stress-with-these-tips

Life can get hectic but try not to let it. This time of year is about spending time with family, friends, enjoying their company and having fun. Do your best to try to not let the stress get to you and have fun!

Happy reading/listening and have a wonderful holiday season!

Scoliosis Awareness Month

Are you one of the estimated 6 to 7 million people whom have scoliosis? Those of us whom do have scoliosis know that the month of June is scoliosis awareness month. Are you aware what category you fall into, moderate, mild, severe? There is more to scoliosis than just a curve, it can be a complicated condition. https://www.scoliosisreductioncenter.com/blog/how-many-people-have-scoliosis

I feel it is important to point out the fact that this is also a problem for adults and children whom live without and with cerebral palsy. Today I want to focus on cerebral palsy and scoliosis issues. If you are a regular visitor you know that I try to focus not only on cerebral palsy but other disabilities as well. Please do not think this is information is only for people with cerebral palsy.

In general there are a few different reasons for scoliosis to affect our bodies. One of those reasons is age, as the body ages the body starts to show signs in some cases of wear and tare on the body some genetics can cause the issue that effect the spine. Such as a deuterating disc, joints, posture issues, muscular skeletal issues, just to name a few. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6600133/

Scoliosis does not care if you are an abled-bodied person or not, it has no mercy, it effects whom it wants to. With cerebral palsy, M.d., muscular illnesses or as a scientist call them diseases are at a higher risk of getting scoliosis due to muscular issues. https://mayfieldclinic.com/pe-scoliosis.htm#:~:text=Adult%20scoliosis%20and%20kyphosis%20can,support%20the%20spine%27s%20normal%20posture

I personally was diagnosed as a child with a mild case due to my cerebral palsy and my hips being a 1/2″ off of each other. In some cases depending on the severity of the curve treatment is considered. I did not have to be treated with any particular treatment, because, it’s so mild. However, along with scoliosis and cerebral palsy, I personally have noticed other issues. Example, as I have been aging my hip has been popping out of the socket when I walk, then pops back in as I am in a standing position. Fact of the matter is there are multiply issues where cerebral palsy is concerned, but, today we are focusing on scoliosis.

Some may not know what it is. It is an abnormal curvature of the spinal column, similar to osteoporosis which occurs in the elderly. Other causes also could be back injuries, herniated discs. nerves that are pinches, facet joint problems. In some cases it can cause pain, depending on the severity of the curve and the damage in the spine. Severity also, can be caused by the root problem or underlying condition that has caused it to occur, genetic conditions. Muscular skeletal issues mainly are the root cause. https://mayfieldclinic.com/pe-scoliosis.htm#:~:text=Adult%20scoliosis%20and%20kyphosis%20can,support%20the%20spine%27s%20normal%20posture

Keep in mind that ever case is different this causes every case to be unique, so please do not ignore back pain and consult your health care provider. There are a variety of treatment option some include yoga, physical therapy, medications, surgical options, I personally, found that chair yoga helps me to manage any pain issues.

Today, we have a special guest with scoliosis in his own words. Enjoy his testimony.

There are 6 million people in the United States who live with scoliosis everyday and 9 million people in the whole world living with scoliosis everyday.

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 12 years old the doctor offering to do surgery and a brace but it could have consequences due to the type of Cerebral Palsy I have. I would have had a 50/50 chance of being paralyzed with surgery and the brace could leave scores on my body.

It took me a while to learn how to be comfortable, embrace and love my curve!

Now I’m a Professional Adaptive Bodybuilder!

Now I’m 51 years old and I continue to still get my workout 5 days a week for an hour a 

day to build upon my balance, muscles and strength.

Two method we use to improve living with Scoliosis and the quality of life are with exercise,

working out and following a meal plan.

Thanks to Tina Chandler for showing me the right direction, coaching, training and support!

I have gained muscle to support my curve to where I am standing straight, taller, a little bigger and stronger. Also it’s helping me to become a better bodybuilder!



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Vital Nutrition

Do you struggle with eating a balanced diet, or getting your littles ones to eat as you desire to see them to? Living with cerebral palsy and adequate nutrition is vital on multiple levels. Today I want to focus on the importance of nutrition and vitamins while living with cerebral palsy.

Nutrition is vital for any individual living with cerebral palsy, That does not mean it is always easy as it is not always easy but it can be done to get the vitamins needed to aide the condition. Even though Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term for a multitude of issues from brain damage, to muscular skeletal issues, nutrition and vitamins are an important part of life or should been.

Vitamins such as calcium and vitamin d are a key component to bone health. Not to mention vitamins work together to absorb one another. Example vitamin d helps absorb vitamin c and magnesium helps absorb vitamin d and so on.

Malnutrition can be an end result or become an issue for someone who may struggle with eating due to motor skills and muscles in the mouth not working as they should this interferes with a person getting the adequate nutrition needed. So, certain supplements are vital in order to get the nutrients needed fully to help with healthy muscle, movement and strengthening the body’s bone structures. https://www.flintrehab.com/vitamins-for-cerebral-palsy/

A few ways to improve vitamins and nutrients within our bodies is eating a well balanced diet including omega 3’s, fruits and vegetables that have vitamin c, d, k, e or to take supplements. As the saying goes here in Montana, it is best to eat your vitamins over supplements, but that is not always possible.

Some important essential vitamins for someone living with cerebral palsy and those who struggle with epilepsy include fish oil, vitamins C, D, B6,B12,Folic acid, magnesium to name a few. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002399.htm

Another important nutrient I learned long ago is to include foods with iodine to avoid becoming anemic, iron is important as well. I do my best to plan meals ahead where I cook twice a week a red meat and other protein meats such as fish and chicken, throughout the week along side vegetables. Dark greens help provide vitamin A,K,E. Living in Montana where we do not get much sun, due to Montana having a mind of its own where the weather is concerned. I take supplements so I know Im getting the adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins. Sun is the best vitamin D but it is not always sunny in MT.

If you prefer the vegetarian lifestyle you can substitute meats out for other health benefit foods such as tofu, quinoa, beans to name a few. As we all know the key is getting an adequate amount of nutrition. No matter the source of foods eaten.

There are lots of benefits from getting the correct vitamins and nutrients needed to live healthy and to aide in our health. Some benefits are longevity, healthy bones, immune health, heart health, healthy GI tract, it lowers risks of underlying conditions such a diabetes and so much more. https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/resources-publications/benefits-of-healthy-eating.html

I believe it would be safe to say my readers and listeners know by now that I am a big one on healthy eating and in taking care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am far from a health nut but my eyes have been opened to new things that have helped me be more aware of what I was doing to my body when I was not all that serious about my health. Such as I was diagnosed a few years ago with type 2 diabetes and I refused to go on medication for it, instead I was determine to conquer it by controlling my diet and I did just that. My husband also discovered a caffeine free tea for me as well known as hibiscus tea, which naturally helps lower blood sugars. If you want to try it you can get it on amazon or in a natural food store. I have done other tricks as well such as swamping cinnamon out for sugar in my coffee there are things a person can do to reverse type 2. If you would like me to do an extensive blog on what I do to control my blood sugar please let me know.

It pays to eat your veggies! Hope you enjoyed todays topic. If you want more topics like this please let me know. Happy reading and happy listening!

Broken Healthcare System

Today I want to focus on the fact that there is a lack of education in our healthcare system where medical staff is concerned. Specifically with dealing with someone with a seizure disorder. Have you felt that you as a patient are not being heard, or being hurt by medical staff because they do not know what is occurring with you?

I want to talk today about changes that need to occur especially where seizures are concerned in nursing school. I have yet to find anything where it says that nurses are taught about the vegas nerve stimulator let alone how to use the magnet that sets the electric pulse off to help with seizures.

Do not get me wrong, I amend our medical community. I was a cna myself before my seizures became out of control or unpredictable a few years ago. I am wanting to bring the point that I am amazed that curriculum has not been updated to new devices and treatments such as the vns system.

Have you ever experienced this situation? First I was to take a step back and talk for a moment about seizures, epilepsy and how it is connected to cerebral palsy. Most people know that epilepsy is caused from damage to the brain in some form. In the case of cerebral palsy (lack of oxygen) causes the brain damage which, results in seizure activity. Anyone however can have a seizure and they can be dangerous. https://www.cerebralpalsyguide.com/cerebral-palsy/coexisting-conditions/epilepsy/#:~:text=Seizures%20are%20common%20among%20children,which%20can%20result%20in%20seizures.

Regardless the cause or the damage the truth of the matter is that we who live with a seizure disorder need to have assurance that if we need to go to the hospital the staff is going to know what to do, especially, when we have a device such as the vns generator. You all may be asking what is the big deal and why am I going on about this? Here is why. I have a dear friend that also has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, she to has the generator and due to unexpected clusters she had a terrible experience in the hospital where she lives. I was appalled that the nurses in the hospital did not know how to operate the magnet not to mention the staff did not know what the problem was. I was very discouraged that they did not have a clue of what to do and had to be taught.

This should not be the case. I truly believe that nurses and medical staff that work on the frontlines should be educated on how to operate and be knowledgeable about new devices like the vegas nerve stimulator. Not to mention to be taught what a seizure looks like. We as the patient need to feel safe and be assured that those caring for us know how to care for our specific needs. Not to assume that their patient is dying and hits them in the chest thinking they are helping us. This is my personal opinion, this is unacceptable and the medical community needs to start teaching their students this stuff.

The medical field is no longer a one size fits all. We do not fall into the same category. Each patient is different and has certain medical needs that the staff needs to know how to deal with. Has any of my readers had this type of experience or treatment? Feel confused, frustrated and not knowing where to turn? We can do our part to bring attention to this problem. If you would like you can start here. https://www.jointcommission.org/resources/patient-safety-topics/report-a-patient-safety-concern-or-complaint/

I am sorry if you or any of your loved ones ever experienced my above true story. For me it is heartbreaking that we in the disabled community have to endure such issues. This goes far beyond cerebral palsy and seizures this problem could occur with treatment for anyone with any disability.

As I mentioned I appreciate the medical community and all they do and are taught, however, I believe these issues need to be resolved and brought to the forefront of the attention to those who teach our medical communities.

Please any thoughts are welcomed so please share. Happy reading & listening everyone!

Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

As adults, most of us know there is a variety of issues that co-exists with cerebral palsy. With each case being different similarities are also different to some extent. One of these issues some of us contend with is epilepsy better known as a seizure disorder. Are you one of the 40 to 45% of adults or children that fight with seizures?

It is a proven fact that “40 to 45% of children/ adults deal with a seizure disorder. ” I say adults because us “children” do not stay children as articles make us out to be, adults with cp are not mentioned much. But, some of us children do not outgrow seizure disorders. https://cprn.org/cerebral-palsy-epilepsy/#:~:text=Approximately%2040%2D45%25%20of%20people,sensations%20or%20states%20of%20awareness.

How do you contend with epilepsy? Some may ask is there a different between a seizure disorder and epilepsy? The answer is yes. Anyone disabled or not can have a seizure for any known or unknown reason, it is only when a person or child has more than one seizure, they are diagnosed with epilepsy.

In most cerebral palsy cases it is caused from brain damage caused by the cp that results in a seizure disorder. There are different types of seizures in both children and adults. For example when I was a child I had grand-mal seizures and as I became an adult the seizures turned or changed to petit-mal seizures. In my unique situation it was quite frustrating because, I got put on a medication that stopped my seizures when I was in high school and I was seizure free for 6 years, then, I got pregnant with my oldest son and the seizures came back full force. After he was born and my hormones went back to normal as I like to say the seizures stopped again, until I got pregnant with my youngest son and sadly to say they never left. Instead they changed to partial petit-mal seizures . It has been a very frustrating roller-coaster ride to say the least.

I have found personally that there are a lot of factors that can and do factor into having seizures change over time. What do I mean you might be asking yourself. My personal experience is hormone changes had, I believe, a part to play in my seizures changing. I also ended up having a hysterectomy which, yet again changed my body chemistry and yet again getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and fighting with high blood sugar had once again effected the body chemistry. I being curious of why my disorder changed asked my doctor and she explained to me that seizures will change over time. Very interesting I thought. So do not be surprised if your seizures change over time.

It is however still a puzzle to me why some cerebral palsy adults/children have epilepsy and some do not, because everyone of us have some degree of a brain injury. https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/cp/causes.html#:~:text=CP%20related%20to%20abnormal%20development,%25%E2%80%9390%25)%20is%20congenital.

The referenced article mentions there are 80 to 90% of some form of brain related injury or damage in c.p. patients. That is a lot. It is still yet a mystery. How do you control your seizures or epilepsy? Some are controlled by medication and some by devices along with medication therapy, devices such as the vns stimulator or also, known, as the vegas nerve stimulator. Basically for those unfamiliar with this device it is shock therapy to help control out of control seizures one may experience. Speaking from experience I have been on a lot of meds that simply did not work or they got immune to my system. It takes a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the right medication but it can be done. https://www.epilepsy.com/article/2015/2/what-vagus-nerve-stimulation

Keep in mind not all seizures nor epilepsy is caused from cp. There are other causes as well. As I mentioned some reasons for seizures are known some are not. Seizure disorders can also be caused by or cause underlying conditions such as low-blood sugar can cause someone to seize. In some cases seizures can lead to heart issues. Every case is different so, do not compare yourself to others, rather inform yourself on the disorder. As I always say knowledge is key. By doing research and finding the right doctor to treat the condition, which, could take awhile to do, epilepsy can be treated. Keep in mind there is never anything wrong with getting a second opinion or if something does not feel right shop around and find the right doctor for you.

Do not feel bad if you or the child feels wore out or tired. Family and caregivers alike need to realize that seizures take a toll on the body physically, mentally and emotionally. We experience weird stuff that our loved ones may not realize, such as dizziness, sleepiness, feeling nauseous, feeling foggy and what is real frustrating for me is I can feel every movement and I can hear people talking to me and Im not always able to respond to them. It is important to have an emergency plan for family, friends and care-givers. Its good to go over the plan and have it written out so everyone understands there part or the actions that are to take place.

I hope you all found this helpful. It is important to do your homework and research this for yourself and take the best action for you as an individual. Ask questions, seek answers til you get them and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question so if you have questions ask away. Until next time have a blessed day. happy reading & listening everyone!

Alternative treatments to help with cp symptoms

Most of us if not all of us deal with a variety of symptoms from cerebral palsy that we live with on a daily basis. Are you one of these individuals? I can tell you I certainly have this issue. Living with one good arm can cause issues from time to time. Do you take medication? Do you deal with side effects ? Have you considered alternative meds or treatment methods? Such as natural remedies.

Due to me having pain I’ve been looking into alternative options and wanted to share what I discovered. I have looked into oils, essential oils, natural vitamins.

My husbands aunt told me about echinacea to use when we feel sore throats come on, then I discovered through my research that it also, helps with blood circulation, not to mention it also, aides in communication between the neurons in the brain. I had no idea! https://cerebralpalsygroup.com/natural-remedies-cerebral-palsy-symptoms/

I am not against prescription medicines in any way. I am simply making myself and you aware of options and to show you my discoveries.

Vitamins play a very important role in us with cerebral palsy. Vitamin D helps with our bones, vitamin C helps with our immune system, not to mention fish oil or omega 3’s can play a vital role in our health. I do not eat a lot of fish so I reach for a fish oil capsule. Fish oil can increase the communication between our brain and nervous system. Ginger increases the oxygen levels in the brain. All these remedies can aid us in our health. (see the reference above).

I was very curious if these natural remedies really worked, so I put them to the test on myself. I get real bad twitches especially, when my legs are cold, so, I started taking echinacea and the twitches have been calming down, they are not as frequent. Most people call this restless leg syndrome, but in my specific case only my left leg twitches and my left arm gets ice cold. This I was told by my doctor’s is caused from poor circulation on my left side. Another thing since I started the echinacea is my left arm does not get as cold as it usually does. The fish oil seems to have helped my energy levels.

I personally do not care for side effects. I to take medication for a seizure disorder, I do not take any prescription meds for the pain. Is it worth talking to your doctor about natural remedies I personally think it is . Speak with your doctor before taking any natural vitamins. I say this because, I know that some natural remedies can interact with some prescription medications.

What do you do to handle pain and poor blood circulations and so on? I believe we all learn from each other so I would love to hear how you all deal with the symptoms pertaining to the cerebral palsy and any other remedies for pain related to c.p. I personally also struggle with arthritis in my good hand that I use to do everything, as I have very little mobility in my left hand not to mention it likes to copy everything my right hand does. That in itself is annoying. For my hand pain I use peanut oil rubbing it on my hands and wrists like lotion. this trick came from my doctor.

Another remedy I use is hibiscus tea made from the republican of teas. I drink 2 to 3 glasses of this tea to help lower my blood sugar as I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I went on a hunt to find something to help lower my blood sugars. My husband discovered this tea and my numbers have drastically fallen into the normal range. If you are interested in trying it you can find it in your local natural food store or you can get flavored teas on amazon. My fav’s are blueberry and raspberry rose. It is all natural and teas do not interfere with medications. I personally do not take meds for type 2 dm either, just the tea and diet. I discovers it pays to eat vegetables.

I also believe exercise is a important tool when it comes to the cerebral palsy to stretch the muscles. I encourage all of you to do what works for you. My routine will not necessarily fit someone else due to us all being different to some extent. We are all unique that’s what makes us all special.

Some other remedies I use a lot is essential oils. Lavender oil is one I use a lot and one of my favorites. Essential oils can be used in different ways. Never apply straight to the skin, always combine with a fraction oil such as coconut, joba even olive oil or any kind of cooking oil. Other ways to use essential oils is placing drops into water inside a diffuser or a humidifier also known as aroma therapy. I use a variety of essential oils lavender helps with anxiety, sleep , seizures. Peppermint helps with depression these also help with pain. https://www.flintrehab.com/natural-remedies-for-cerebral-palsy/

I do not expect you to take my word for it. I do however encourage you to do your own research and your own experience to try to see if it works for you. I enjoy sharing the information and research I find and sharing what works for me in hopes that you can be informed and possibly try it yourself. If what helps me helps anyone I find that rewarding. If any of you have remedies and ways that help you please share the ideas send me a message, any tools, tricks, that you want to share. Happy reading everyone!


First, I want to start out by saying I appreciate all you who read my blog and want you all to known my intention on this site. I do what I do because I love to write and express my creativity but mostly to share in my experiences in hopes that I can help or be of encouragement to someone out there. I can only hope that my blog is doing just that. If there is anything you want to see or hear me write about please let me know.

As we all know having and living with limitations (disability) can be quite a task at times. As children and teens we learned to adapt and adjust to our unique situation. I call it a unique situation, because, everyone of us and the limitations we live with are different to some degree. Especially in the cp world where there are no one case of cerebral palsy exactly identical. We are all different to some degree yet have so many similarities at the same time.

I recall as a child figuring out how to do stuff on my own, because, I did not know anyone like me with the same struggles and limitations I have. Being determined to be independent and do things myself, I would watch people do a task with two hands and figure a way to do that same task with one hand. As I got older, I was introduced to others at that age in my teens that had similar limitations and challenges. I have and was given tools, tips and equipment to help me be independent.

Did you struggle this way? Can you relate to my experience? Did you have to learn to do stuff yourself and adapt just to feel successful at a task?

As we age as adults this can also be challenging, as well. Its not only hard to gain independence while we are young, but, it can be just as harder to give up or adapt to giving away some of that independence when we get older. Some of you may already be at this stage of life, lets just say I’m not looking forward to aging any time soon. It is reality though and part of the facts of life. Even though for example, cerebral palsy does not get worse as we age, but the aging process can make it difficult and challenging for us with cerebral palsy.

There are tools such as equipment to assist us in our daily lives. Such as cooking equipment(ex: one handed cutting boards, one handed steak knife, adaptive utensils and so on.) you get the picture. I have also found it helpful to talk to those older than me that have the same challenges so that I can get tips and tricks of what to do or expect at certain times specifically, when it comes to the aging process.

When aging it is ok to ask for help and perfectly fine to get the help we need. I believe, it does get harder to be as dependent as we age than when we were younger. There are options however, there are caregivers, cna’s, assisted living homes and so on that we can look at to chose from. Making these decisions can be difficult but at the same time life changing.

I personally want to be able to stay as independent as long as I possibly can, I’m sure there are some of you that feel the same way. I do not know what others do to accomplish this goal, but I thought I’d share with you what I do to accomplish that goal for myself. I try to be good to myself as good to myself as possible. What do you mean, you may be asking? I do my best to eat right, exercise and take care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We all know its hard to live up to expectations, especially, when they are from other people. I personally have stopped trying to please and meet others’ expectations, instead, I try to live for my own expectations and I have found that doing this I am a happier person. I’ve learned I do not have to meet other’s expectations but I need to live for myself and do the best I can at doing what I am capable of doing. So, please do not live for others rather live for yourself and do things that make you happy not someone else. I create goals for myself and break the big goal down into doable little goals to reach my big goal. I do it for me not others. So, I challenge you to create your own expectations. It is also less pressuring this way at least that has been my personal experience.

I’ve learned over the years it pays to be take care of myself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I know when I exercise, I do not feel so tense, it makes me feel better about myself. To help myself mentally I work on things like puzzles, writing, crosswords and solitaire along with reading. Other things I’ve discovered is aroma therapy with using essential oils and natural remedies to help with my joint pain, taking vitamins and natural tea’s to help me regulate my blood sugar. These are just a few things that I do to help me be independent and to help me be good to myself.

The best thing I learned was to accept my condition. I was after all born with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. This does not mean I can not do stuff, quite the opposite. I have gone through college, worked as a cna, Im a published author and writer. As you can see I’m highly capable to do stuff myself. Im not bragging, please do not take it that way. I mentioned all that to encourage others that it is possible that you having limitations can reach goals and overcome obstacles as well as I did. Not to mention I am also a mother and grandmother.

Learning to love yourself and accept your limitations can help you feel empowered and confident that you can do anything you set your mind to. Im leaving a couple reference articles at the bottom that you can enjoy and that will hopefully help you on your journey of being independent and staying as independent as long as possible. Happy reading everyone!



Disabilities, relationships & communication

Have you ever got frustrated communicating with a friend, partner, family all because they do not understand what you are trying to say? Have you ever had a hard time understanding the other person? Has you disability gotten in the way of effective communication because of the way you were born?

These are thing we are going to explore today. Effective communication while strengthening communication skills and social interaction. No matter the disability or not, communication can be tense and difficult for anyone. I use a lot of examples with someone with cerebral palsy because I am one of those people with cp. But, it does not matter if its cp or not, in my book, a disability is just that a disability.

Communication, relationships go hand in hand. In todays reading Im going to be focusing more on the communication than actual relationships. Communication is key to any relationship, no matter what kind of relationship. Sometimes communication can be hindered by emotions, such as frustration, agitation, mixed feelings due to a difficult time expressing the communication one is trying to convey. As an example someone with a learning disability may have trouble communicating and putting thoughts and feelings into words.

Being patient and learning how the disability effects each individual person can help in aiding effective communication. Along with understanding the persons limitations by educating yourself on what can and what cannot be helped. Everyone is different so this is a learning experience for everyone. Somethings can be changed such as a behavior and some things can not be changed such as the time it takes for someone to process what you said. By discovering what these are you can help the person improve on the areas that can be changed and having a little understanding on how to help effectively. For the issues that can not be changed you can help problem-solve on improving and helping the communication between you. http://www.ldonline.org/article/6007/

Communication in general disabled or not for anyone can be difficult and hard. Could you imagine the difficulties one with limitations can have while expressing their thoughts and feelings? Difficulty understanding, comprehending, expressing concerns etc. none of it easy. By being patient and understanding the difficulties one has it helps in educating ourselves on the difficulties that can bring to light ways to help improve our communication with others. For example some may need to relay a message in sign language or another may need extra time to process what’s been said and what they want to say in return.

Some specific disabilities can directly impact and interfere with effective conversing. For example, cerebral palsy can effect multiple areas of the brain and body, which, can have an effect on communicating to someone. From learning limitations to comprehension difficulties due to a neurological issue caused by a lack of oxygen. Also, having trouble with muscular or motor skills can also interfere. It’s a proven fact that it takes a person with cerebral palsy twice the energy to accomplish one task than an abled-bodied person, same goes with speaking, it takes effort to use the muscles in the mouth and tongue to speak, which means it could take a person with muscle tone issues longer than someone who does not struggle with that problem. https://www.cerebralpalsyguidance.com/cerebral-palsy/living/daily-communication/

The big question is what are some ways we can assist someone in conversation and expressing themselves without making neither party feel uncomfortable? Is there ways we can help improve our relationships with someone with various limitations? Most certainly. Some tips have been mentioned but the following includes others not mentioned above. Acknowledge the person in whom you are speaking to even if the other party has an interpreter. By acknowledging the person that’s a confidence booster so to speak. Do not be afraid to ask questions. We are curious creatures by nature and by asking questions we can learn and at the same time fulfill our curiosity.

Consideration and compassion are important. By being sensitive to the other person and their limitations by staying away from labels and wording your words thoughtful . Talking to others as if you were talking to your friends and family whom do not struggle. Those of us whom have difficulties want to just be treated and be like everyone else, we do not want to be treated any differently. Giving a person time to answer and ask questions without interrupting shows respect and consideration not to mention understanding on your part. Another big one is to finish the other persons sentence or thought. Do not assume you know what the other is going to say, patience is hard.

If someone does not understand something ask for clarification. Do not be afraid to ask a person to repeat what they said or explain it for you. Example big words, someone with a learning disability may not understand big words so by explaining the big word in small simple language the other person is apt to understand what you, the responder, is saying. Sometimes it helps to ask the person to repeat what they heard you say, so that you can clarify that the message was clear.

By using simple words, shorter sentences, asking questions and listening to the end before speaking are ways someone can help effectively communicate with another person. Doing these things can boost confidence, empower ones self-esteem, make one feel important, adequate, and capable of being successful at communication. These small acts can show that they can communicate with or without accommodations. https://www.dol.gov/agencies/odep/publications/fact-sheets/effective-interaction-communicating-with-and-about-people-with-disabilities-in-the-workplace

I hope you enjoyed todays reading and that you all have a happy holiday season. See you all next year! Happy reading everyone!

Balancing life and stress

Is it hard for you to balance life? Is it difficult to balance stress that you are under? We as adults live a life with stress daily but what about our children? The stress that we deal with as adults also effect our children in various ways along with the stress they deal with from various places such as school, work etc. Today I would like to give you statistics and talk about balancing life and stress.

We all know stress is a part of everyday life. Statistics shows us that approximately 33% of individuals report feeling exceedingly stress. It has also, been reported that 77% of a persons physical body becomes effected by the stress they are experiencing. Are you aware that 73% have reported the stress and strain a person feels is effecting their mental health, and 48% struggle with sleeping issues due to stress they feel and struggle with. https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/stress/related/stress-statistics/

Stress not only effects adults in their personal life, but, also in our place of employment. However our children in todays society and for years also are under a lot of stress or pressure at school as a matter of fact, there are studies that indicate that pressure and strain is the number one concern in high school students health. This problem raises issues that interfere with the students mentally, emotionally and physically. Sadly, at times it ends with devastating results, such as suicide. https://financesonline.com/student-stress-statistics/

Stress is shown to affect more so single mothers, women in general and family caregivers along with less than half of ethnic population. It is true that stress effects everyone, however, the above groups feels the pressure more so than others. https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/stress/related/stress-statistics/

With the cost of living expenses, events occurring in the world there are lots of stressors that effect all of us in various ways from physically, mentally, emotionally to acting out our frustrations, worry and anger. When we are under loads of stress it effects every aspect of our lives. Our health, finances, friends and family, employment, bills. https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/stress/related/stress-statistics/

The big question is how can we balance our life and the stress we feel on a daily basis? How can we lower our stress levels so that our health does not become effected? Are there tools we can use and things we can do to help us from facing these kinds of issues? I know personally if there is something I could do to lower my chances of having health problems, mental health issues, anger and frustration I would do all I could to lower my odds. There is hope and there are things one can do to lower their odds of all the above.

Studies show us that there are 10 effective ways that we can manage our stress levels such as figuring out the main reason which is making one stressed, making limits and placing boundaries, use time management wisely, meeting all our necessities of life (eating right, exercise, meditation and yoga are helpful as well). Be socially engaged with others in our communities (such as church, social clubs, friends, family). Be open to trying various treatment options (aroma therapy, meditation, herbal tea’s etc. ) make time for yourself to just enjoy yourself and relax. You can find more tools and techniques in the reference. https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/stress/related/stress-management-techniques/

Have you ever thought it be possible that the stress we possibly feel may be an indicator that our life is out of balance? Sounds crazy I know. We were created to have balance in our life and if we are out of balance or out of sorts our lives can be effected. Some warning signs could be, even though we work it does not feel like progress is being made. We may feel wore down and notice our physical bodies are become effected, (such as anxiety, physical symptoms). We try to accomplish to much at one time. We need to shorten that to do list. Feeling as though we are not living for us, rather we perceive we are living for someone or something else. https://centerstone.org/our-resources/health-wellness/life-balance/

So how about those steps and tools to help with balancing our lives and helping us to align ourselves as we should be? First, being realistic and admitting that we can not accomplish everything at once, rather, slow down and prioritize what needs to get done, which makes our plates less full than it was. By contending with 1 to 3 problems at one given time helps to less our stress. Second, make sure to create “me time” for ourselves and take care of ourselves so that we can be on top of what we need to deal with. I personally was always told, take care of yourself so you can take care of your children they need you. Third, making ourselves goal oriented and creating a plan to reach that goal in our lives. Fourth, making sure not to just take care of our physical, emotional and mental health needs but, also, making sure we are taking care of our spiritual needs as well. As we were created mind, body and spirit. I personally believe it is important that we do not neglect any part but that we take care of all three. https://centerstone.org/our-resources/health-wellness/life-balance/

Be sure to keep in mind our children suffer in balancing life and stress as well and the sad part is they may suffer in silence because, they don’t want to bother their parents with their problems. I personally had to watch for tell-tell signs if you will to see what was going on and to investigate to find out if there was any way I could help my children when they were in school. I still watch today even though they are adults. By keeping our eyes and ears open and watching for things such as angry outburst, isolating themselves, behavior changes. It helps to keep the communication lines open so to speak. I always wanted my boys to know that they could always come to me if something was bothering them.

This crazy world we live in does keep our lives in chaos and stressed. Be good to yourself and care for you so you can care for those around you that need you. It may be hard to balance life and stress but it can be done. Find which ways work for you as an individual and press on. Happy reading everyone.