Coping with fear and stress during pandemic

It is important that we keep ourselves grounded and focused at such a time as this. Everywhere we turn weather we are watching the news, listening to the radio, online it seems we are hearing about this historic event in time and the well known Corona virus. In today’s reading I want to focus on coping with stress and fears around the pandemic. It’s important for us to stick with our daily routine if at all possible to help with any fears and anxieties we can limit the time we are exposed to the media where it is flooded with the problems, focus on what’s most important to us as individuals our family, friends, caregivers etc. There is no need to panic and go overboard however, to be concerned and make wise decisions Ex: if u have to go to grocery store they are saying keep a 6 ft distant if possible away from others possibly go when it’s not so busy or find someone to go for u. Eating a well balance diet, exercising is an excellent outlet to remove the nervous energy and lean on our support system  our caregivers, family, friends. Pls do not believe everything u hear. Search  what u read and hear to make sure it’s true. Find things u enjoy to comfort your fears, exercising,coloring, reading a book etc. In tomorrow’s reading we will look at the facts of what’s true verses what’s not in hope to help anyone who may be fearful. As the saying goes this to shall pass. I hope u are enjoying the readings if u want me to touch on particular subject or topic pls let me know. Happy reading

Author: My cerebral palsy life

I became a writer in 2010, then I pursued an education in health care administration. Working to get a medical coding certificate to add to my professional titles. I and my husband have 2 adult children, 2 dogs. I was a single mother of two for 18 years. I have personal experience in health care as a cna, mental health and raising children with developmental disabilities. I am an advocate for the disabled as I was born with cerebral palsy and have learned to overcome challenges in life. My motto is life lessons are to be teachable, to educate, share our skills and learn to understand others that we encounter on life's journey.

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