Adapting to changes in life

For everyone disables or not change affects everyone. Do you know anyone afraid of the unknown? Anyone who struggles with change? Some take change or lifestyle changes better than others. Regardless we are all affected by change.

How do you individually get affected by change? Is it easy for you to adapt or not so much? I personally struggle with change. I have my routine and if or when change occurs it completely throws me off and readjusting can be challenging. Im going to venture to say Im not alone in that category. When I struggle I find myself using my wild imagination to help adapt to these situations known as life style changes or changes in life.

For example, I am needing to make lifestyle changes due to a diabetes diagnosis. Im having to relearn how to cook for example and adjust my pallet to be able to adjust to changes I must make in order to reverse my situation. Having gestational diabetes during my third pregnancy I was always told it could come back as I got older I was not however prepared for it to hit. Subconsciously, I knew it could but was not expecting it to. So not only was it a shock I was not expecting it.

Everyone faces temptation everyday, but when we beat the battle of the mind as I like to say change and adapting can be a little easier. Not saying its easy to do it is not it is hard but its not impossible. Mind over matter is different for everyone as we all face different fears, anxieties and situations. Just like in the Cerebral palsy world we are all different so we all face diffeent challenges to some degree.

Mind over matter for me is to tell myself I am going to do a specific task and make myself do so. Sometimes this requires a little motivation so I usually remind myself of the goal Im trying or striving to accomplish.

There are tips and tricks also known as life hacks that one can do in order to conquer adapting to change. Here are five tips and tricks that can hopefully help you in adapting to life’s changes.

One. Making choices. Mind over matter. Overcoming our fight or flight response and facing our fears and the unknowns helps us to face the other side of change.

Two. Create goals to accomplish to get to where you want to go. Write your goals on paper and write down steps to take to get to those goals and by seeing it and reading it out loud getting all your senses involved your confidence grows to accomplish the steps to go where you want to.

Three. Forgive. Forgive yourself and others whom have hurt you. If we got baggage holding us back in our past we will struggle moving forward to our destiny or future along with struggling with being present in the here and now. Let go of the hurt, anger, malice feelings and move forward. Be a victor not a victim.

Four. Facing fears head on. Facing our fears can be a frightful experience, so by participating in fearful events we come face to face with the unknown which means we are not in our comfort zone and by doing these fearful events we can become comfortable in facing the unknown and the fears we may struggle with.

Five. “Me time”. By giving yourself “me time” and caring for yourself so you can care for others is vital to your physical, mental and emotional health. By finding a balance in your health and well being. Helps to manage and be able to conquer everyday stressors and facing everyday life situations. That means we must eat right, meditate, exercise and take care of ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed todays reading There was once a wise lady told me no one is going to look out for you but you. That is so very true. Happy reading everyone.

Author: My cerebral palsy life

I became a writer in 2010, then I pursued an education in health care administration. Working to get a medical coding certificate to add to my professional titles. I and my husband have 2 adult children, 2 dogs. I was a single mother of two for 18 years. I have personal experience in health care as a cna, mental health and raising children with developmental disabilities. I am an advocate for the disabled as I was born with cerebral palsy and have learned to overcome challenges in life. My motto is life lessons are to be teachable, to educate, share our skills and learn to understand others that we encounter on life's journey.

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