Scoliosis Awareness Month

Are you one of the estimated 6 to 7 million people whom have scoliosis? Those of us whom do have scoliosis know that the month of June is scoliosis awareness month. Are you aware what category you fall into, moderate, mild, severe? There is more to scoliosis than just a curve, it can be a complicated condition.

I feel it is important to point out the fact that this is also a problem for adults and children whom live without and with cerebral palsy. Today I want to focus on cerebral palsy and scoliosis issues. If you are a regular visitor you know that I try to focus not only on cerebral palsy but other disabilities as well. Please do not think this is information is only for people with cerebral palsy.

In general there are a few different reasons for scoliosis to affect our bodies. One of those reasons is age, as the body ages the body starts to show signs in some cases of wear and tare on the body some genetics can cause the issue that effect the spine. Such as a deuterating disc, joints, posture issues, muscular skeletal issues, just to name a few.

Scoliosis does not care if you are an abled-bodied person or not, it has no mercy, it effects whom it wants to. With cerebral palsy, M.d., muscular illnesses or as a scientist call them diseases are at a higher risk of getting scoliosis due to muscular issues.,support%20the%20spine%27s%20normal%20posture

I personally was diagnosed as a child with a mild case due to my cerebral palsy and my hips being a 1/2″ off of each other. In some cases depending on the severity of the curve treatment is considered. I did not have to be treated with any particular treatment, because, it’s so mild. However, along with scoliosis and cerebral palsy, I personally have noticed other issues. Example, as I have been aging my hip has been popping out of the socket when I walk, then pops back in as I am in a standing position. Fact of the matter is there are multiply issues where cerebral palsy is concerned, but, today we are focusing on scoliosis.

Some may not know what it is. It is an abnormal curvature of the spinal column, similar to osteoporosis which occurs in the elderly. Other causes also could be back injuries, herniated discs. nerves that are pinches, facet joint problems. In some cases it can cause pain, depending on the severity of the curve and the damage in the spine. Severity also, can be caused by the root problem or underlying condition that has caused it to occur, genetic conditions. Muscular skeletal issues mainly are the root cause.,support%20the%20spine%27s%20normal%20posture

Keep in mind that ever case is different this causes every case to be unique, so please do not ignore back pain and consult your health care provider. There are a variety of treatment option some include yoga, physical therapy, medications, surgical options, I personally, found that chair yoga helps me to manage any pain issues.

Today, we have a special guest with scoliosis in his own words. Enjoy his testimony.

There are 6 million people in the United States who live with scoliosis everyday and 9 million people in the whole world living with scoliosis everyday.

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 12 years old the doctor offering to do surgery and a brace but it could have consequences due to the type of Cerebral Palsy I have. I would have had a 50/50 chance of being paralyzed with surgery and the brace could leave scores on my body.

It took me a while to learn how to be comfortable, embrace and love my curve!

Now I’m a Professional Adaptive Bodybuilder!

Now I’m 51 years old and I continue to still get my workout 5 days a week for an hour a 

day to build upon my balance, muscles and strength.

Two method we use to improve living with Scoliosis and the quality of life are with exercise,

working out and following a meal plan.

Thanks to Tina Chandler for showing me the right direction, coaching, training and support!

I have gained muscle to support my curve to where I am standing straight, taller, a little bigger and stronger. Also it’s helping me to become a better bodybuilder!



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Author: My cerebral palsy life

I became a writer in 2010, then I pursued an education in health care administration. Working to get a medical coding certificate to add to my professional titles. I and my husband have 2 adult children, 2 dogs. I was a single mother of two for 18 years. I have personal experience in health care as a cna, mental health and raising children with developmental disabilities. I am an advocate for the disabled as I was born with cerebral palsy and have learned to overcome challenges in life. My motto is life lessons are to be teachable, to educate, share our skills and learn to understand others that we encounter on life's journey.

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