History of cerebral palsy on cerebral palsy day

All individuals with cerebral palsy know that today is our celebration day of cerebral palsy day.  Those without and with c.p. it is a day to recognizes approximate 17 million people with the disorder. Simply put it is due to a lack of oxygen during, before, or after birth which causes brain damage to the brain in return can cause physical deformities.  depending on what brain damage is done it can also cause a seizure disorder, verbal issues some people with CP are non-verbal, it can  cause deformities that one may have to use a wheelchair, a walker or some other type of device such as AFO’s. There were four people who contributed to research on cerebral palsy who discovered a little bit about CP in different ways. Originally it was known as the “little disease. ” Named after Dr. John little. Then came along the theory of it being caused by a lack of oxygen. The history of cerebral palsy is very interesting I encourage you to read the reference to the history and guarenteed you will learn a lot about cerebral palsy. To all who have cerebral palsy happy cp day. https://www.cerebralpalsyguidance.com/cerebral-palsy/research/history/

Facts on cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a childhood disease that is common in children, but, it is a disease that is so misunderstood. C.P. is a childhood disease that effects motor skills, muscle tone and a variety of muscle groups in the body all due to brain damage. It simply is a lack of oxygen at birth, shortly before birth, during or sometimes shortly after birth. There is different types of c.p. approximately 40% of the population with cerebral palsy are born with hemoplegia type.  It is not contagious simply put its caused from brain damage. It takes a cp individual to work 3 times harder than a abled body individual as it takes some of us longer to get where we want to go and we have, in some cases, to make our muscles move which in return takes up energy. But intellectual we are like everyone else. We have bubbly personalities, outgoing, wanting to be like everyone else just want to fit in. If you have any questions pls ask away. Happy reading. https://cerebralpalsy.org.au/our-research/about-cerebral-palsy/what-is-cerebral-palsy/facts-about-cerebral-palsy/

Facts on pandemic

It is hard enough being a person with cerebral palsy let alone having to deal with everyday challenges, now we are facing covid19 and being told to stay in our homes as a precaution and in some states only go out when absolutely necessary. I am floored at the panic and all restrictions as I sit in the er at 2:30 with my husband, I as precaution was not allowed back in the er with him which in return  raised anxiety for him cuz he feels more comfortable with having me listen to what doctors are saying. Poor guy. Anyway, it amazes me though at all the restrictions. It is important to take precaution and be wise then to not take heed at all. It is bothersome that not only are the proper authorities trying to containing this virus now there is rumors that are needed to be comforted with. In the reading material you will find a list of facts concerning this pandemic. The reading sets apart facts from rumors. I am thankful for technology so that we can still socialize with each other because socialization is important and healthy for every individual on all levels physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. Try to keep your daily routine as productive as possible that to helps with stress and anxiety. Happy reading everyone. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/share-facts.html

Coping with fear and stress during pandemic

It is important that we keep ourselves grounded and focused at such a time as this. Everywhere we turn weather we are watching the news, listening to the radio, online it seems we are hearing about this historic event in time and the well known Corona virus. In today’s reading I want to focus on coping with stress and fears around the pandemic. It’s important for us to stick with our daily routine if at all possible to help with any fears and anxieties we can limit the time we are exposed to the media where it is flooded with the problems, focus on what’s most important to us as individuals our family, friends, caregivers etc. There is no need to panic and go overboard however, to be concerned and make wise decisions Ex: if u have to go to grocery store they are saying keep a 6 ft distant if possible away from others possibly go when it’s not so busy or find someone to go for u. Eating a well balance diet, exercising is an excellent outlet to remove the nervous energy and lean on our support system  our caregivers, family, friends. Pls do not believe everything u hear. Search  what u read and hear to make sure it’s true. Find things u enjoy to comfort your fears, exercising,coloring, reading a book etc. In tomorrow’s reading we will look at the facts of what’s true verses what’s not in hope to help anyone who may be fearful. As the saying goes this to shall pass. I hope u are enjoying the readings if u want me to touch on particular subject or topic pls let me know. Happy reading

Support system

It is vital important to do what we can living with cp to have a support system. Most places do not have support groups for adults with cp, some places we live do not even have support system for children. On fb if you want to join the site “cerebral palsy sunrise”. Come join it’s free. There are videos, lives, pt videos and blog posts visit the site today and talk with others with cerebral palsy.  Support is vitally important . Have a blessed day !

Cp not just a disability

Cerebral palsy is more than just a disability. It is not contagious, it’s a lack of oxygen (before. during or after birth ) a person with cp may be limited in a variety of ways however they have the ability they need to live a successful life in society.  Our strength comes from our ability inside us that willingness and overcoming ability that drives us to where we want to go in life as we just want to be like everyone else. Cp does not define us as we are not the defined by the disease rather its who we are on the side that makes up who we are. So next time you see someone in a wheelchair or you see one who has a limp to their walk don’t be afraid to strike a conversation just say hi, ask questions and we will in return give truthful answers. 🙂 have a blessed day

like the eagle

So vibrant in her colors

She sorrows above

Through the sky

No worries she has at all

And she knows how to trust

The One who created her.

As she looks down to the ground

Things look so small

Yet looking from down below

Our problems look so tall.

be like the eagle

With not a care in the world

As she soars through

The open skies

And sings a song

She knows where she comes from.

Give me the grace

The wisdom to be like the eagle

Today, give me strength

I don’t understand so I

Can stand strong, tall and proud

Show me today just exactly who I am.

Give me mercy at all times and grace when in need

Grace gives a person strength to fly and shows

Them how strong they really are.

Look down with eagle eyes and see your

Problems are small, instead of looking up and

Seeing them as big and tall.

Go with confidence and fly

Like the eagle tall and proud

And trust as she does in the Creator

Who takes her cares and destroys them to the ground.

Be strong today and lean on Him

Trust that He will take care of you.  Why, you ask?

Because He loves you just as much

If not more than the eagle

Who flies high above.

You have wings like the eagle

Be like her today

Spread your wings and fly

As you do, you will see

Your troubles fall away and

You will have strength to see another day.

The end



day of peace

Today is a day of peace, happiness and joy to be celebrated. No matter beliefs, there is peace in one’s mind, body and soul. In a time of turmoil, havoc and commotion in the world, there is always a place we can go and feel the peace of mind that takes the troubles away if its only for a short time.  A day to celebrate family, friends, loved one and the birth of the Savior brings us to blessing, peace, joy and love. A day to be thankful for everything we have to be thankful for. Peace is brought to you today, be blessed in every way.

writing services

Has there been times you have wanted to inquire more for your company? Have you thought of e-newsletters ? Have you wondered where to go to find someone to provide the service for you?  Freelance writers, e-blasts, bloggers are everywhere today. I happen to be one of them. I enjoy writing for others and sharing my knowledge and education when or if appropriate, along with my life experiences with others and would love to hear from others and learn from others as well. things I enjoy to write about is the health care Industry, parenting, serving and my experience with mental health, cooking and health living. I am open to writing a blog, short story, e-blast on any business, personal, professional topic. My motto is to share, to learn and educational. this helps others grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. I look forward to hearing about your thoughts and would love to hear from anyone who wants to share.  🙂


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Changing my focus. Wanting to focus on me as a person with a disability known as cerebral palsy. Please do not think I’m looking for pity cuz that’s far from the truth. I want to shed light on a very known disease children get either before, during or after birth due to complications at birth most cases due to a lack of oxygen. On this page you will find fun facts about cp and how to cope along with everything that comes with it. This page is me living my unique life with cerebral palsy. Want to follow my journey continue following my blog. Happy reading.