For my audience I want to let you know the reason for my absence on the page. I’ve been struggling with health problems due to my cerebral palsy. I will bring you more new material when Im able please be patient. I can only hope you have enjoyed the material thus far. The best thing for all of us disabled or abled bodied to do is to take care of ourselves and treat our selves to self care. When I get to feeling better Ill be back with some new material. Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions of ideas you would like to read about. thank you again.

Author: My cerebral palsy life

I became a writer in 2010, then I pursued an education in health care administration. Working to get a medical coding certificate to add to my professional titles. I and my husband have 2 adult children, 2 dogs. I was a single mother of two for 18 years. I have personal experience in health care as a cna, mental health and raising children with developmental disabilities. I am an advocate for the disabled as I was born with cerebral palsy and have learned to overcome challenges in life. My motto is life lessons are to be teachable, to educate, share our skills and learn to understand others that we encounter on life's journey.

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